Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diets

Health Benefits of Mediterranean Diets

Consuming Mediterranean diets potentially has these vital health benefits:

Can prevent heart disease and stroke: by limiting the intake of refined/processed foods while consuming more fresh/natural foods (like fruits & veggies), olive oil and wine, it has been known to reduce the risk of heart disease

– Protects against Type 2 diabetes: Mediterranean diets tend to be rich in fiber thus helping to maintain more stable blood sure levels along with a stable weight. Of course, one should also combine a healthy diet with physical activity in order to obtain best results

– Reduces the risk of mental illness: many Mediterranean foods have a positive impact on cholesterol levels as well as keeping the blood vessels healthy free of plaque thus diminishing the incidence of getting dementia like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

– May protect against cancer: the higher degree of antioxidants contained in various Mediterranean foods and drinks may ward off cancer by diminishing or eliminating free radicals that cause oxidative damage to cells.

– Helps to maintain strength and agility: because Mediterranean cuisine is so laden with rich nutrients, it has the ability to keep muscles strong to prevent atrophy due to aging. In certain cases, consuming nutrient-dense foods was boosting vitality by up to 70%.

– Boosts life longevity in general: studies have shown that consuming a healthy Mediterranean diet full of variety of healthy nutrition resulted in -20% decreased risk of death. Since Mediterranean diets have the capacity to protect against common terminal illnesses like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity – that means there is a boost to life longevity in general!

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